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FAQ’s for clinical reflexology

What happens at the 1st reflexology treatment?
The initial consultation takes about 90 minutes in order to take a full medical history, discuss lifestyle and agree a treatment plan most suited to you. Follow up treatments are 75 minutes. During the treatment you will be semi-reclined on a treatment couch so that you can relax and enjoy the benefits of the reflexology session. You will also be given an aftercare treatment sheet to refer to at home with recommendations for any adaptions to your lifestyle.

Does it hurt or tickle?
Most clients enter into a deep state of relaxation, often drifting off to sleep and thoroughly resting. Areas of congestion in the reflex points may be uncomfortable and feel like crunchy crystals, but they shouldn’t be painful. I will continually check that you are comfortable and if I feel any congestion or you feel tenderness, I will adapt the pressure to suit you.
Many people have ticklish feet, but I have yet to encounter anyone who finds reflexology ticklish!

I am very self-conscious about my feet
This is a common concern, but all adult feet have taken a lot of wear and tear over the years. The feet are full of character, just like a person’s face, which is what makes them individual.

How will I feel afterwards?
Most clients report a great feeling of wellbeing after the treatment. Common responses can include a deep feeling of relaxation, sleepiness, increased energy, tingling sensations in the body, coldness/warmth and sometimes even tearfulness. Each person responds differently to reflexology, and treatments are tailored to the individual. The aftercare treatment sheet advises you on how to optimise the benefits of the reflexology. If you have any questions following the sessions, I will happily advise you by telephone or email.

Are there any possible side effects to reflexology treatment?
One aspect of reflexology is to help the body to remove waste products and toxins. Clients can experience what is referred to as a ‘healing reaction’ such as increased bowel movements, increased urination or perspiration, skin rashes, a runny nose etc. This may be at the time of treatment and up to 48 hours afterwards. It is nothing to be concerned about, and is an indication that the treatment has worked well and is helping the body to eliminate impurities and toxins via the organs of secretion. It is certainly a good reason for drinking plenty of water in order to ‘flush the system out’!

How many reflexology treatments will I need?
The number of treatments needed varies according to the individual, as problems can either be longstanding and chronic, or recent and acute. I will always discuss this with you as part of the treatment plan. Some people respond more quickly to reflexology than others, but for anyone it is advisable to have at least 4 sessions on a weekly basis before deciding if the treatments are having the desired effect. Many people continue to have regular sessions once completing a course of treatments , often on a monthly ‘top up’ basis, to maintain health, well-being and general relaxation.

Does there need to be a referral from my GP?
Reflexology is not widely available on the NHS, with the exception of supporting people with cancer (and sometimes their family or carers) at cancer units within hospitals. Sometimes a small fee is required for therapies such as reflexology, and locally it is available at the Fountain Centre, Royal Surrey Hospital, Guildford. Therefore you do not need a referral from your GP, but if you are having medical treatment for a specific or ongoing medical condition, it is always advisable to inform your GP that you are having reflexology. I will always discuss with you the contra-indications and medical conditions that are not suitable for reflexology.

Does my health insurance cover reflexology treatment?
This would need to be discussed on an individual basis with your health insurance provider.

Where do you practice reflexology?
I practice reflexology in the Haslemere & Farnham area and have clients from the surrounding counties of Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

Susanne has the most amazing skill. It was quite extraordinary how she picked up things about my body and mind that I had not told her along with all the things that I had. Her treatments have been truly an amazing experience. From the moment you go into her room there is a feeling of complete calm as well as professionalism. Susanne explains extremely well what she is doing and has a knack of knowing exactly what I am needing. The benefits have been tremendous and by the end of the session I truly feel like I am floating. There is absolutely no doubt that my re-flux, sleeping and other general digestive problems have improved vastly. My whole being is also considerably calmer which is a miracle. If I was able I would go every week, although it does seem that attending weekly for a certain length of time and then going once a month is working well too. I would highly recommend Susanne to anyone who has a concern over a health issue or who is keen to have a relaxing treatment which results in huge health benefits and leaves you feeling calm, d-stressed and mentally clearer. It has also been a pleasure hearing Susanne talk about reflexology in the way that she does - she is so passionate as well as being extremely informative.